Assured Motive Power

Assured Motive Power Program allows the customer to take a “Hands-Off” approach to motive power. Through the AMP program, Carolina Industrial Products can remove the burden of capital expenses and unexpected repair costs and replace them with a firm monthly operating expense that is easily budgeted. Also, safety-related or other urgent repairs can be made immediately because there is no added cost for repairs that must be approved.

  • Safety – The AMP Program is also the safest approach to motive power. The customer is completely relieved of all aspects of battery handling, maintenance, and management. Forklift operators will experience the absolute minimum exposure to battery acid, corrosion, and dangers due to the excessive weight of batteries. CIP provides professionally trained service technicians to take care of all battery watering, repairs, inspections, and guaranteeing motive power for your forklift fleet.
  • Technology – By using the newest charger technology, the AMP Program allows the customer to drastically reduce their number of batteries and possibly completely eliminating battery changing. By eliminating a battery charging/changing station, this valuable space can be reclaimed for production purposes.
  • Peace-of-Mind – If you spend time worrying about powering your forklift fleet, you aren’t worrying about your core business. Let Carolina Industrial Products offer you peace-of-mind knowing that your fleet is operating at its maximum potential, so you can too!