When evaluating an electric forklift fleet, battery chargers are the most critical yet most overlooked aspect effecting fleet productivity. An electric forklift cannot operate without a charged industrial battery; a battery cannot provide the necessary power to the lift truck unless it is properly charged. Identifying the proper battery charger is the most important variable in maximizing lift truck performance and battery life.


Carolina Industrial Products is a distributor in North and South Carolina for both Ametek Prestolite Power, Advanced Charging Technologies (ACT) and Applied Energy Solutions (AES). We offer the broadest range of application specific chargers in the industry. Our charger technologies include Ferroresonant, SCR, CFR, and (SMPS) High Frequency.


Locate your application type below to see the recommended chargers. An operational fleet assessment is recommended to determine the right charger for your application and budget.

Cold/Freezer Storage
Cold/Freezer Storage applications cause an immediate drop in battery capacity due to the battery’s operating temperature which can lead to premature battery failure. Choosing the right charger is critical to productivity and battery life. The following chargers offer various cold/freezer application solutions. We can help choose the best solution for your application.


High Ambient Temperature (90 degrees + )
Heat is a battery’s worst enemy! Overheating the battery accelerates active material shedding and causes loss of capacity and premature battery failure. High ambient temperature applications require chargers that regulate the charge output by compensating for increased battery temperature. This is best achieved through external battery monitoring devices that communicate battery temperature to the chargers microprocessor regulating its output. The following chargers offer the perfect solution.


Single/Multi Shift
Carolina Industrial Products offers a complete line of chargers to support operations ranging from single-shift, light-duty to twenty-four hour, heavy duty applications. These chargers utilize flexible programmability and functionality backed by the strongest warranties in the industry.


Opportunity Charging/ Rapid Charging
If your goal is to minimize or eliminate the need for spare batteries and designated charging rooms, we offer a complete line of Opportunity and Rapid chargers. A fleet assessment is required to ensure adaptability.


Energy Savings
Second to HVAC, chargers are responsible for the highest portion of your energy bill. Carolina Industrial Products offers the latest high frequency technology providing the highest efficiency and power factor ratings in the industry. Contact us to discuss how you can benefit from high frequency technology.