Our Services


Convenient Service Offerings:

  • New and reconditioned battery and charger sales
  • Rental and leasing options
  • Battery recycling
  • Comprehensive power assessments and reports
  • Fleet management reports for budget planning
  • Replacement batteries on hand to prevent unnecessary down time
  • Application specific training


Service Capabilities:

  • 24/7 Service on batteries, chargers and associated equipment
  • Battery reconditioning
  • Equipment installation
  • OSHA compliant battery and charger inspections
  • On-site battery cleaning and neutralization
  • Application specific maintenance programs


Technical Experience:

  • Factory trained technicians
  • Technicians certified and trained on operation of class I-V vehicles
  • OSHA compliance trained technicians
  • CPR/AED certified technicians
CIP services
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Worry free proactive maintenance

  • CIP will manage the power fleet (batteries and chargers) to ensure no long-term disruptions interfere with the production
    capability of the lift truck fleet.
  • This is a hands-off approach for the duration of the agreed term & is designed to provide the assurance that the power fleet purchased will perform without any major unexpected costs or failures.
  • Includes:
    • Regularly scheduled battery watering
    • Battery cleaning during watering
    • Regularly scheduled battery & charger inspection with data
    • Battery or charger loaner if needed
    • All battery and charger wearable parts included

CIP will be responsible for the proper watering of the battery fleet to maintain optimal conditions for capacity and long-term battery health.

  • Includes:
    • Regularly scheduled battery watering
    • Visual inspection during watering to determine if there are any safety or OSHA related issues
    • Spill prevention and clean-up
  • Ultra-Care Inspections - to determine the health of your fleet
  • Battery wash and neutralization - removal of excess corrosion and neutralization of all chemicals related
  • Ultra-Care Shop Cycle - pick up and delivery of battery included. We will de-sulphate, adjust the specific-gravity of the electrolyte, perform a full load test to determine the percentage of capacity, make all necessary cable, contact, and connector repairs, neutralize, wash, and repaint the battery.


  • Industrial battery theory/operation and best practices
  • Industrial battery charging best practices
  • Training on proper watering techniques
  • Free power studies to understand your application

batteries before afterBeing the Deka battery dealer for the Carolinas we always have plenty of used batteries some of which are scrap but many of which are good candidates for refurbishment. Our Power Recovery Center is responsible for recycling these used batteries and refurbishing them back to like-new condition. These PRC batteries can then be sold as used, refurbished equipment, put in our rental fleet, or used as a loaner.


battery racksLooking for a battery or charger to use seasonally, for an operation that is not long term, or while your equipment is being repaired? CIP can provide all of your battery and charger rental needs with one of the largest rental fleets in the Carolinas.