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  • Forklifts
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  • Personnel Carriers
  • AG & LG Vehicles
  • Telecommunications/UPS
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Agriculture/Farm Equipment
  • Marine

Deka Industrial Batteries

Forklifts/ AGV and LGV

D-Series - The Deka D-Series battery is a durable and dependable source of power for any motive power application.

HydraSaver - The Deka HydraSaver battery offers the customer the convenience of less watering and less maintenance throughout the life of the battery. Battery watering intervals are extended from 1-2 weeks to 9-10 weeks. The HydraSaver battery also comes equipped with bolt-on cables, water level indicator light and flip-top vent caps, all of which assist the customer in reducing repair and maintenance costs throughout the year.

Max Powr - The Deka Max Powr battery delivers up to 10% more capacity in the same footprint as the Deka D-Series battery. The Max Powr battery is a high capacity battery designed for lift trucks with high lifts, long runs and/or attachments.

EZ Link - The Deka EZ Link battery reduces safety hazards associated with battery repairs because intercell connector burning is not necessary. Battery repairs are safe and easy.

Gel Maintenance Free

Dominator - The Deka Dominator is a maintenance free, sealed gel battery. They never need watering, saving the customer countless routine maintenance hours. No watering also means no electrolyte spills and no harmful gassing resulting in a safer operation.

Powr Mate - Deka Powr Mate batteries combine all the benefits of a maintenance free gel battery with an on-board, capacity-matched charger and four exchangeable gel batteries.

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MSDS(material saftey data sheets):
Lead Acid Battery Wet, Filled with Acid
EPM Lead Alloy Parts
Battery Fluid, Sulfuric Acid